Are there different forms of credit redemption?


There are different loan consolidation formulas depending on the needs of each borrower. It is important to be familiar with the definition of credit surrender for each type to make the most of each benefit for this type of financial solution.

The purchase of consumer loans

The purchase of consumer loans


This financial transaction aims to collect all the debts in a single loan without guarantee. It can be granted to anyone who wants to finance a consumer good. However, those who are stuck at the Bank of France can not take advantage of this advantage.

The repayment term

This period does not exceed 12 years and the rates are significantly higher than those of the mortgage loan consolidation.

The restructuring of consumer and real estate loan

Grouped credits

It gathers all the loans with or without guarantee and whatever the objective of financing and the guarantees of repayment (mortgage, surety, …)

The repayment term

With the money back guarantee justified by the property, this type of operation is profitable with the larger amounts and the durations that extend longer. This period can reach up to 30 years and thus monthly payments are reduced.

Specific offers

Can the purchase of credits be refused?

Formulas for banking prohibitions

The considerations are different for a tenant and an owner. The latter’s application is more likely to be accepted because he has real estate that he can present as a mortgage.

With this guarantee, there will be no problem with the creditor organization in terms of repayment even if the borrower is in financial difficulty.

Offers for seniors

Offers for seniors

Consolidation of credits allows retirees to find the balance between their new income and the monthly payments they will have to pay. As a result, their purchasing power is at their best and they will have no worries about money or over-indebtedness.

Debt buyback can be offered as a home loan buyout when the payment exceeds the beneficiary’s retirement.